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What Are The Advantages Of The DVI Interface

The advantages of DVI interface are mainly embodied in the following two aspects:

1, Fast: DVI transmission is digital signal, digital image information does not need to undergo any conversion, will be transferred directly to the display device, so reduce the number → analog → digital cumbersome conversion process, greatly saving time, so it is faster, effectively eliminate the phenomenon of drag shadow, and use DVI for data transmission, the signal does not decay, the color purer, more lifelike.

2, the screen clear: the computer transmission is a binary digital signal, using the VGA interface to connect the liquid crystal display, you need to first signal through the graphics card of D/A (digital/analog) converter into R, G, b three primary colors signal and line, field synchronous signal, these signals through the analog signal transmission to the internal liquid crystal also need a corresponding A/d (analog/digital) converter to convert the analog signal to digital signal once again to display the image on the liquid crystal. In the above-mentioned d/A, A/d conversion and signal transmission process will inevitably appear the loss of signals and interference, resulting in distorted images and even display errors, and DVI interface without these transformations, to avoid the loss of the signal, so that the clarity of the image and the details of the performance has been greatly improved.

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