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U Disk USB2 0 With USB3.0 Difference

1. Differentiate from base color:

USB2.0 interface base is generally black or white.

USB3.0 interface base for usual blues;

From the U disk socket pin to differentiate:

USB 2.0 is 4 pins, while USB 3.0 takes 9 pins, and the pins are more than USB2.0.

2. Differentiate from transmission speed:

This method requires a tool, theoretically, the rate of USB 2.0 is $number Mbps, and USB 3.0 can reach 4.8 Gbps.

3. Observation of the Tablet method

This approach is more cautious, USB 2.0 only has 4pin metal touch, while USB 3.0 is 9pin touch, the front 4pin and USB 2.0 is one to, the rear 5pin is USB 3.0 exclusive.

USB 3.0 's B-type interface is better differentiated, USB 3.0 standard B-type interface size is larger than USB 2.0, the upper is more prominent, to accommodate the new 5pin touch.

4. Observation Marking method

The identification "SS" of USB 3.0 represents "Superspeed", which is in the USB 3.0 interface section. In addition, the USB 3.0 cable will be slightly thicker than the USB 2.0 cable due to an increase of 5 routes.

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