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The Problem That Should Be Paid Attention To When Choosing DVI Two-way Acquisition Card

Codvi is not the real sense of the digital signal architecture, DVI digital signal architecture of the acquisition card, relative to the VGA acquisition card to develop a lot more difficult, so we must pay attention to the selected is not on the card to do a simple VGA DVI interface module, rather than the real DVI architecture Pure Digital Acquisition card.

Shan due to the limitations of development technology, to achieve the DVI acquisition card, including VGA acquisition card can be used to collect independent graphics output and non-independent graphics output of the technical threshold will be very high, in the selection of such products must pay attention to identify whether support.

Whether Shan has onboard caching is important, and many of the key features of the acquisition card require onboard caching to improve.

Codvi two-way acquisition card, is not a simple duplicate card, is the real need to two DVI acquisition card in one, one trough two card, simultaneously collects two DVI signals, and the parameter must be able to adjust independently, cannot affect each other, not two card completely set up to use, cannot set one influence another, in the choice also should pay attention to distinguish.

Shan software applications to be relatively simple, because the DVI two-way acquisition card is to collect non-standard image signals, a lot of parameters need to be debugged, so the design of software to facilitate the initial user smooth debugging, fast to achieve the best results

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