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DVI Cable Application

In order to achieve high-resolution display requirements, scanning is generally used in 1080i format (that is, interlaced scanning, line frequency). 75kHz, field frequency 60Hz, pixel frequency $number. 25MHz), in the actual application in order to reduce the line-frequency transformation, all the video input formats (such as 480P, 576P, 720P, etc.) through the format transformation (scale and De interlace, etc.) are uniformly converted to the 1080i format output, that is, multi-frequency a. The DVI interface discussed in this paper is based on the above digital TV standard.

Digital TV to increase DVI interface is relatively simple, from the hardware circuit, one is to increase the DVI decoding part at the interface, and the second is to provide a data channel in the back end, if the TV original scheme has a/D conversion and the corresponding data processing channel, then the DVI interface decoding output can be shared with it, because in the case of digital signal format, the code rate, line frequency, field frequency and clock are the same.

In the actual research and development, we need to pay special attention to the DVI decoding output data signal, A/D conversion output data signal isolation and avoid front-end channel mutual interference. Because of the sharing of the two sets of channels, is equivalent to extend the digital output pin signal line length, so for long-distance digital signal printing line, it is necessary to its characteristic impedance to interrupt, in order to avoid the digital signal overshoot, undervoltage and ringing, usually in the data line series dozens of ohm resistance. At the same time, for the output drive, the need to minimize the digital output pin capacitive load, but in the signal wiring phase, generally can not accurately calculate capacitive load, for the convenience of system debugging, should consider in the data signal line, the line field synchronous signal line, the clock signal line to the ground shunt capacitance, according to the PCB material, the signal length is different, the capacitance value generally in dozens of PF can, thus can achieve the channel load balance, the data rises along, the descent along and the phase consistent, reduces the digital noise interference and the jitter.

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