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Digital Signal Quality Curve

In the digital age, digital signals in the transmission process error is inevitable, but the probability of error is very small, this probability with BER (bit error rate, BER) to measure. An HDMI line is within 10m, maybe one days to make a mistake. To 17m or so, maybe 1 hours out of an error, 19m or so may be 1 minutes out of an error. Up to 22m, it is possible to produce an error per second, which may cause the signal to crash longer than the threshold. For example, when you look at the analog signal TV program, it is possible to see the color changes, more noise, interference patterns, ghosts and other video quality of the phenomenon of decline. But in the digital age, as long as the signal itself is no problem, the program effect of every household is the same, if there is too much error, the screen will appear mosaic, or completely black screen.

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