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Why Is Integrated Management A Future Business Management Trend?

In the fierce competition in the market, companies want to occupy a place, then the weather and the lack of one can not, and people are one of the most difficult to control factors. In addition to attracting more consumers to expand market share, but also to cope with the eyeing of the competitors; internal, business management and long way to go, in order to improve management efficiency, reduce human management costs , Human, financial, procurement, business, and so need electronic management, therefore, enterprises to promote integrated management is imminent.

With the development of cloud computing and large data technology, enterprise management system ushered in a new opportunity for development, information technology involved, breaking the original data management inefficient isolation situation, so that information sharing possible. For the sake of improving the efficiency of enterprise management, many managers will look to the enterprise management system, hoping through the electronic enterprise management model, improve enterprise management efficiency, reduce human management costs, so as to bring the overall operation of the new business face.

Encountered difficulties, information management is not easy

In the enterprise information management of the road, with the external business environment is becoming increasingly complex, and its own development and growth, enterprises will continue to emerge new management needs, such as customer management, procurement management, project management, human resources management, Office automation, etc., for these different areas of management needs, the market has a corresponding professional management system to match. So, when companies continue to buy new management system, they will be surprised to find that the enterprise is filled with one after another from different suppliers, different brands of management systems, these management system is not only the same interface, the management model is The use of experience more and more cumbersome; more importantly, these different management systems led to a series of management problems, increased the number of management problems, increased the quality of the data management system, Business management burden, but will push the enterprise to another management abyss.

Information island. There are many different management systems in the enterprise, and the database is independent of each other, the information is not connected, easy to form "information island", data information can not be real-time integration, management decision-making is difficult to obtain comprehensive information, easy to make the wrong judgment The

Business process out of touch. As a result of different aspects of the work, there are different management systems to control, such as the management of customer CRM, management procurement procurement management system, management project management system, these independent management system is a strong split between the different business processes Ties, business processes are prone to disjoint.

Information management costs high. Many different sets of enterprise management system, not only need more sets of computer hardware equipment, but also need many different management system training, many different system upgrades and maintenance, which are virtually to the enterprise information management increased costs.

Integrated management into the future business management trends

To solve the management of enterprises in a number of different management problems, it is fundamentally solve the integration of business management problems. If you can have a comprehensive integrated management system, all the management modules unified to a platform, will greatly enhance the efficiency of enterprise management.

8Manage FAS (integrated management system) in the opportunities and challenges came into being. Its ability to integrate data in real time allows decision makers to see real-time activities and their results across the enterprise. Information in the bottom-up summary process, you can layer in-depth drill into the details, so real-time and accurate information can help business managers more quickly and accurately predict trends, and early detection of problems and solve problems.

Data is connected in real time

The 8Manage FAS is supported by the cloud data as the source of information data, and has the advantages of higher data relevance and information validity. The system uses the data for the purpose of collaborative work and data sharing to solve the problem of data redundancy in decentralized system. I and data inconsistencies, to achieve the integration of different management modules between the data integration and information to make the data more real and reliable. At the same time, all business in a platform to manage, reduce the risk of information sharing between departments, improve the work and delivery efficiency.

Closed business process

Enterprises are usually divided into different departments, such as sales, marketing, research and development, production and the Ministry of Finance and so on, the independent operation of different departments in the project collaboration triggering communication barriers, resulting in business management fault. To this end, Gaoya has developed a new generation of management system with integrated design that not only supports cross-sectoral cross-regional management of resources, projects, tasks and operational activities, but also enables real-time information flows across cross-sectoral cross- Decision management. The integrated management integrates all the management elements of the enterprise, achieving business-project-financial interconnection, and improving the efficiency of multisectoral collaboration.

A system manages the entire enterprise

The system includes a number of enterprise application management modules, such as customer management, procurement management, project management, human resources management, etc., system expansion no longer need additional hardware and system software, do not have to do integration, data migration and installation. Enterprises can purchase according to their actual needs of the corresponding management module, even if the need to develop new management modules, only need to obtain a license to join the new features for the company to create an integrated management platform.

8Manage integrated management software covers CRM (customer relationship management), SPM (supplier management), PPM (project management), financial management, human resources management, OA (office automation), BI (business intelligence), O2O and ERP, And each function module is built on a platform, the perfect support for real-time data integration and business processes seamless link. 8Manage is the size of the market, not only both private cloud and public cloud services, but also support mobile phone APP applications to help companies better respond to more and more intense market competition.

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