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Cable Supremacy Or Cable Useless

Because the HDMI interface transmits the image or the audio signal the data quantity is very big, therefore the request to the cable is also very high, only then the qualified cable can transmit the high bandwidth data. However, 50 yuan and 500 yuan of the same specification HDMI cable, in the performance of the quality of what is the difference? Is the 500-yuan line able to achieve better quality? This is a long and contentious issue.

The so-called fever cable in the analog transmission era should have a certain role, but it is not rumored that, more of a psychological role. To the digital age transmission of the concept of 1 or 0 (signal), that is, and broken, the landlord is right. The premise is a qualified product, the standard is that this end of the transmission to the end of the probability of errors are negligible.

Disagree, whether the landlord considered the impact of the anti-interference ability of the cable on the signal and then the impact on the quality of the image? such as the production of water ripple or tone picture is not synchronized, as well as mobile phone signal interference sound and so on. The difference between a general line cable and a quality cable and even a fever cable is the certainty of the details. But in these details of the promotion is reflected in the price is the cost-effective reduction, but also to the intuitive feeling of a very subtle even need sophisticated professional equipment can be reflected.

Different brand models of HDMI line in the details of the tone will be a little different. Monsters, Kimber, AQ, Goldensound four brands of the screen is four kinds of style. HDMI 1.3 to transmit audio signals, this is like playing the digital coaxial line, the different lines of sound will also have a difference, especially for their familiar picture, more intuitive than the resolution of the sound is much easier. For example, the Vienna Golden Hall scene, different lines of the hall of the magnificent feeling of the performance is different.

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