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Self - Management Of Managers

                         Self - management of managers

     To manage others, you must first manage themselves, this is the basic concept of self-management managers. So, as a good manager, how to self-management? I think that should include the following aspects:

     Self-positioning management: do not see their own time is the most dangerous. So, every morning we have to face the mirror to ask: "Who am I?" Managers should always control their own duties, ask: what did it? Which did not do that? This will help us to better work and reflect on ourselves. Managers should cherish rather than ignore the existing problems, their own can not achieve the work, can not be left to, to actively coordinate and make full use of external resources to achieve; only really know themselves, and pay the appropriate action in order to constantly improve themselves

     Self-goal management: the greatest sadness of life is not to achieve the goal, but that there is no goal. Only the goal can guide us to success. To accomplish the task well, the most important thing is to constantly establish a new goal, for each job, every day to target management, so as to choose the direction of effort, detours, step by step, to achieve goals.

     Self - minded management: to avoid emotional management. Managers to be quiet, to be good at the release of work pressure, to avoid venting in the work of emotions, to avoid impetuous. Impetuous will hasty, hasty will make mistakes; managers to respect the staff, so that communicate with employees honestly, so that they are aware of the difficulties and problems, to use the team's strength, from top to bottom concentric. There is no perfect individual, only perfect team.

     Self-breakthrough management: When we work tired, thinking confused, stop, no time to do so, because our thinking is the inherent mode of imprisonment, our management methods are often painted for the prison, it is difficult to break. Therefore, managers should often change the role, to multi-angle to think about the problem, to continue to innovate thinking. This will get rid of the dependence on the past, only thinking with a spiritual and hard work of the people can blaze new trails, determined to make progress. "Asked the river that was clear as a source of active water." The so-called "living water" is self-breakthrough

     Self-learning management: the future of illiteracy is no longer no knowledge of people, but do not know how to obtain knowledge of people. The only way to acquire knowledge is to learn. Managers have to have a compelling, do not have time to ask yourself: "others can do, why can not I do?" Therefore, we must give yourself enough time to study, continue to study the technology, access to nutrients , Learn from experience, so that our management capacity can be improved

     Mr. Li Ka-shing once said: "Self-management is a static management, is to cultivate the basic power of rational power, is the knowledge and experience into the ability of the catalyst." In this sense, self-management is both a self-improvement, but also A kind of self-motivation, but also a self-realization. For business managers, self-management is the foundation of all other management work

     Management work to do a lot of things, but really able to do very little, which requires us to work in the "hard work + focus + serious" style. To do everything through, do solid, this is the success of the success of the secret

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