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Inspirational Story

                               A scavenger's success story

     Sometimes, the rich is relying on your eyes, and others do the same work, vision of the unique people, you can find business opportunities, the following scavengers of the story, may be inspired by you.


Vision to create wealth


     Most people in the eyes, pick up the broken must be poor, would like to rely on shabby become a millionaire is almost heaven and night talk about things. But really someone has done it.


     Shenyang has a person to pick up the broken people, one day he whim: to receive a cans, only to earn a few cents. If it melts, as a metal material to sell, can you sell more money?


     He then crushed an empty jar, put into the bicycle bell cover, melted into a nail-sized silver-gray metal, and then spent six hundred dollars in the city of nonferrous metals research institute made a test. Test results came out, this is a very valuable aluminum-magnesium alloy!


     At that time, the price of aluminum ingots in the market was between $ 14,000 and $ 18,000 per tonne. Each empty cans were weighing 18.5 grams and 54,000 tons was one ton. Melting the material than the direct sale of cans to earn six or seven times the money. He decided to recycle the cans smelt.


     There is not only the nature of the work done by him, but also his life on another trail.


     In order to receive the cans, he raised the price from every few cents to each corner of the corner, and the recovery of the price and the designated place of purchase printed on the card, distributed to all scattered counterparts.


A week later, he rode his bike to the designated location to see, saw a large truck waiting for him, the car is full of empty cans. This day, he recovered more than 130,000, a full two and a half.


     To provide him with cans of the peers, unloading the goods still go to pick up their broken, and this scavengers have completely changed.


     He immediately made a metal recycling plant. Within a year, the processing plant with air cans refining more than 240 tons of aluminum ingots, 3 years, earned 2.7 million yuan. He jumped from a "scavenger" to a millionaire.


     A shabby man, can think of not only pick up, but also to transform the picked things, this is not simple. After the transformation can be sent to the scientific research institutions to test, it is a professional vision.


     As for the 600 yuan of laboratory fees, how many can only pick up the cans to come back yo, the general castle is absolutely reluctant, this is the difference between investors and migrant workers.


     Although it is a scavenger, but few poor mentality, dare to dare to do, and there is a clever way, this kind of person, no matter what the situation at the moment, thriving it is only sooner or later.


to sum up:


T    his world is not forever poor, as long as I believe that they can be rich, you can really get rich!


     Although it is a scavenger, but few poor mentality, dare to dare to do, and there is a clever way, this kind of person, no matter what the situation at the moment, thriving it is only sooner or later.


     The poor even if the money, but also reluctant to take out, he always afraid of money to fly, and back to poor days to go, even if finally determined to invest, do not want to take risks, and ultimately can not get that step, or tightly holding their own Of money, less use is equal to earn.


     The poor most talked about is the chicken eggs, eggs, chicken, a million ... ... but the building in a hen who hope, after all, so too fragile.


     The starting point of the rich is million Manley, on this basis, if done well, it may be just a benefit, if done well, there may be million billion profit, in short, no one is not work.

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