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Leadership Art

                       Leader rhetoric is not rough 10 words

    The reason why the leadership is leadership, because he / she has his own excitement, he knows how to do than you do a "good staff" ~ look at a leader of the words, vulgar but very reasonable!

1, or go all out to do, or get out early, at any one day sooner or later will someone take you to surgery, you have to understand, do business is not charity, if you are willing to be charity, I suggest you go to dinner.

2, do not put the boss and the boss as a fool, he does not mean that silly fool is silly, do not pursue does not mean he does not remember, but he gives you the opportunity to hone, you have these little trick he has long been more than you Times, or he did not dare to sit on this position.

3, do not see people say how hard you said that for a long time will become the company's most bitter that one, so hard for so long can not get a solution, can only show that you are not a problem with IQ is EQ flawed, Because no one cares about your bitter process, only care about your proud results, including yourself.

4, on the work, a promise daughter, make sure that every time the air cannon, and who will believe you can do, why let the company give you the best resources.

5, do not think they are cattle, really feel that they are cattle, take the results come out to see, it is more than you blow ten thousand cattle more convincing, more access to the company's recognition.

6, little fart, I believe that again and then cool and then the ass is not on top of your excellent work results of one-tenth of the skill.

7, less hair that kind of postings, you still not so early to die, less watching TV, less games, less shopping, look at a few books with the professional, more exercise better than you see ten thousand Health, not to mention I know most of the well-known entrepreneurs are longevity health.

8, do not tangle for the little money, you that three five no two care, too care about a small money will be a lifetime for small money to worry about, because the little money for you will be easy to become a habit, investment is not just the stock market funds and gold.

9, the leadership of loyalty is your life in the company's life-saving line, no performance no results have it you can exist, no it even if you are not cattle are not, and soon you will be notorious.

10, on their own ruthless, forced their own efforts, in five years you will be grateful to today's fiercely their own, hate today lazy self-esteem of their own.

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