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Analog Signal Quality Curve

In the digital age, the anti-interference ability of digital signal is better than that of analog signal. However, it is not that digital signals will not be disturbed, the same digital signal may be superimposed interference signals.

Digital signals are transmitted in the "10" way, such as regulation 0. IVN 1. The level between the 3V is high, although the high level is superimposed by the interference signal, but still within this threshold, it will be recognized as 1, without being recognized as 0. After amplification, the jamming signal will be removed and the signal will regenerate the standard signal. Therefore, the digital signal anti-interference ability is stronger. and the digital signal loss mode and analog signal is also completely different. Its signal is basically perfect within a certain length, but after a certain critical length, the signal quality will suddenly drop sharply or disappear. Image quality curve is like a cliff, commonly known as the "cliff effect." Before the transmission distance of the cable reaches the "cliff effect" point, the human eye does not recognize the changes in the image, but in the transmission process, the data error caused by the poor cable line has actually appeared. We are not seen because of the quality changes caused by these errors because the digital transmission system has error correction technology. If there is error, in the threshold range, image quality can be maintained perfect. But when the bit error rate exceeds the threshold range, there will be a signal collapse, the "cliff effect."

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