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Wireless USB

Jeff Ravencraft, chairman of the USB Developer Forum and technology strategist at Intel Corporation, says wireless USB technology will help users liberate themselves from complex cables when using PCs to connect to devices such as printers, digital cameras, music players and external disk drives. The wireless USB standard data transfer rate is the same as the 21st Century 20 cable USB 2.0 standard, is 480M per second, the difference between the two is that wireless USB requires that a wireless transceiver be equipped in the PC or peripheral to replace the cable connection.

On the eve of the Intel Developer Forum, Ravencraft said that the first use of this standard would be external disk drives, digital cameras, and printers. And more and more products will start to market in the third quarter of 2006.

To make the wireless USB standard practical, some deficiencies in this technology must be improved. The USB standard team announces the Wireless Federation specification to ensure that only authenticated computers and peripherals are connected via wireless USB.

Ravencraft added that USB standards have been widely used to connect digital cameras, scanners, mobile phones, PDAs, DVD recorders and other devices to PCs. The Wireless Federation specification details how PCs and peripherals can be connected via wireless USB, with a single computer capable of connecting up to 127 of peripherals at the same time.

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