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Vga interface knowledge

Vga interface specifications are the same, are 15-pin,

The only difference between the main core in the above, there are 

three, respectively, 3 +4 .3 +6 .3 +9.

What does it mean, that is, the number of cores is different.

Core and more, the transmission of data will be more stable, the longer 

the distance, the higher the cost.

3 + 9 is better than 3 + 4 with 3 + 6 is able to automatically detect 

the resolution with the resolution device.

So why there are 8 yuan vga line, there are 30 yuan vga line

Vga interface knowledge

The information processed by the graphics card will eventually be 

output to the display, the graphics output interface is the bridge 

between the computer and the display, which is responsible for the 

output of the corresponding image to the monitor signal. CRT display 

because of design and manufacturing reasons, can only accept analog 

signal input, which requires the graphics card can output analog 

signals. VGA interface is the graphics card output analog signal 

interface, VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface, also known as D-Sub 

interface. Although the liquid crystal display can directly receive 

digital signals, but many low-end products in order to match the VGA 

interface graphics card, which uses VGA interface.

Vga line connection diagram

VGA cable connection is very simple, one access to the computer's VGA 

output port, the other end access to the monitor VGA input interface 

can be, and finally for everyone with VGA interface internal pin 

solution map

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