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VGA cable production method

1, the projector power cord from a divided into two sections. With a plug of the plug in the control of the projector power output socket, three lines and the cloth connected to the power cord (FireWire, zero line, ground can not be reversed, especially the ground); another plug the projector Side of the power input, and with the cloth connected to the power cord (FireWire, zero line, ground). 2, the original RS232 control line is divided into two two (some of which there are three lines in the middle, and some have four lines). The two lines are connected to the two ends of the twisted pair of the control line (if the line in the RS232 is four, then the four pairs of the wire and the corresponding line; if the RS232 line is three, then the twisted pair In the excess of a pair of lines cut, and then docking, both ends of the same line). 3, video cable production is simple, is the coaxial line, do not short circuit or open on the line. 4, VGA line production: stripping VGA cable, three thick lines with shielded lines for the red, green and blue three-color signal lines, respectively, then 1,2,3 feet, 6,7,8 were connected to the ground; Root line were 10,11,13,14 feet, of which 10 feet for the ground, 11 feet empty, 13 feet for the line synchronization, 14 feet for the field synchronization. The outermost shielded wire connects the VGA head metal shell. VGA line at both ends of the line order to be consistent. Production should be careful, do not short circuit or open circuit, welding action faster. 5, projection screen lifting control line production principle and the projector's power cord production principle is basically the same. The key is the public that line can not be wrong. In the wiring, the public line connected to the middle of the ground first package, the other two lines only then, not package, the test did not answer after the package. If the test process appears to the direction, the two lines cross on the line, the final package. 6, be careful not to the projector's power output hole and the screen lift control output hole confused, the error will burn the machine

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