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USB Transfer Mode

USB supports four basic data transfer modes: control transmission, time transmission, interrupt transmission and data block transmission. Each transmission pattern is applied to terminals with the same name, with different properties.

Control transport Type

Support the control between the peripherals and the host, state, configuration and other information transmission, provide a control channel between the peripheral and the host. Each peripheral supports control over the transmission type so that configuration and command/status information can be transferred between the host and the peripheral.

Isochronous (Lsochronous) transmission type (or synchronous transmission)

Supports data transfer between peripheral and host with periodic, limited time delay and bandwidth and constant data transmission rate. This type of error-free checksum does not guarantee proper data transmission, and supports data transfer between the computer-telephony Integration System (CTI) and the audio system and the host.

Interrupt Transport Type

Support for input devices like game handles, mouse and keyboard, which have a small amount of data transfer between the devices and the host, no periodicity, but sensitive to response time and require immediate response.

Data block (bulk) transport type

Support for printers, scanners, digital cameras and other peripherals, these peripherals and host data transfer between the large amount of USB in the case of bandwidth to carry out this type of data transmission.

The USB block Bandwidth allocation scheme, if the peripherals exceed the current bandwidth allocation or potential requirements, can not enter the device. Terminals that synchronize and interrupt transmission types retain bandwidth and ensure that data is delivered at a certain rate. Centralized and control terminals transmit data in the best available bandwidth.

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