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USB Jack Improvement

USB Type C Interface support blind plug, so that many users feel quite useful. Not only that, USB 3.1 can also host high-definition audio and video signals.

It is reported that in the specification of the 2.0 version of USB power transmission, there is a Alternatemode extension specification that supports the transmission of a non power signal in a USB cable.

Thus, in the Altmode mode of the DisplayPort interface, the DisplayPort audio and video signal can be transmitted using the new USB cable to one or two, or four of the transmission channels. Most importantly, the transmission of audio and video signals and the transmission of electricity can be carried out simultaneously.

According to industry insiders, this feature of the new USB interface will create a new interface similar to that of the Intel "Bolt, supporting more diverse functions, but also the need for the relevant manufacturers to cooperate physically.

Media pointed out that Type C USB interface, it is possible to become a future eminence cable, replace all power transmission, audio and video transmission cable. According to the VESA Association, through the corresponding adapter, the new version of USB interface, in addition to DisplayPort video interface, can even support HDMI, DVI and VGA and other video signal transmission.

As is known to all, tablets, smartphones, laptops, the smaller, leaving the external interface more and more limited space, if through a "multi-function" USB interface, can achieve a variety of signal transmission, will allow the industry to benefit from endless.

Currently, the new version of the Type CUSB interface has not been actually put into use or sales, and the specification for this novel interface is formally completed, and this new interface, which supports positive and negative inserts, is about to be applied to electronic products.

It is worth mentioning that in the traditional audio and video signal transmission, there have been a wide variety of interface specifications, the existence of competition between each other. For example, the above DisplayPort HD video interface, is HDMI, UDI interface competitors.

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