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USB Application

With the rapid development of computer hardware, the increasing number of peripherals, keyboards, mice, modems, printers, scanners have long been well-known, digital cameras, MP3 walkman ensued, so many devices, how to access the personal computer? USB is created for this purpose. USB is a computer peripheral equipment to standardize the connection, the single interface is developed by Intel (Intel), NEC (Nippon Electric), Compaq (Compaq), DEC (US Digital Equipment), IBM (International Business Machines), Microsoft (Microsoft), Northern Telecom (northern telecommunications).

USB1.1 Standard interface transmission rate is 12Mbps, but a USB device can only get 6Mbps transmission bandwidth. Therefore, to external optical drive, can be connected to the six times-speed optical drive, no higher. To instantly play MPEG-1 VCD, at least 1.5Mbps transmission bandwidth, this USB can be done, but to complete the data volume of four times times the MPEG-2 DVD film playback, USB may be very difficult, if coupled with AC-3 audio data, USB device will be hard to achieve real-time playback.

A USB interface can theoretically support 127 of devices, but this number cannot be reached. In fact, for a computer, there are few peripheral peripherals connected to more than 10, so this number is enough for us to use.

USB also has a significant advantage is to support hot plug, that is, in the case of boot, you can also safely connect or disconnect the USB device, to achieve real plug and play.

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