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USB, a universal serial bus (Universal Serial bus), is an external fieldbus standard that regulates the connection and communication of computers to external devices. is an interface technology applied to the PC domain. The USB interface supports plug-and-play and hot-swappable features of the device. USB was proposed by Intel, Compaq, IBM, Microsoft and many other companies at the end of 1994.

Next-generation USB interface will change direction, the next generation of Type C USB interface, can support both sides plug and transmit data signal strong, but currently (2014) manufacturers Limited.

As of December 26, 2015, many domestic manufacturers have been large-scale in their own production of mobile phone equipment manufacturers using the data line based on the standard.

USB requires three aspects of host hardware, operating systems, and peripherals to work. The 21st century motherboard typically uses a USB-enabled control chipset, and the motherboard is also equipped with a USB interface socket. And in addition to the back-plate sockets, the motherboard also has a USB pin, you can connect to the front of the chassis as a front USB interface to facilitate the use (note that the wiring must be carefully read the motherboard instructions and according to the diagram connected, must not be wrong and the equipment damaged).

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