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Standardization of Standard Specification for Wire

AWG (American wire gauge) US wire gauge, is a distinction between the diameter of the wire standard, also known as the Brown & Sharpe wire gauge. This standardized wire gauge system began to be used in the United States since 1857. AWG in front of the value (such as 24AWG, 26AWG) that the final diameter of the wire to pass through the number of holes, the greater the value, the more holes through the wire, the smaller the diameter of the wire. The thick wire has better physical strength and lower resistance, but the thicker the wire, the more copper is needed to make the cable, which can cause the cable to sink more, more difficult to install, and more expensive. The challenge of cable design is to use wires as small as possible (to reduce cost and installation complexity) while at the same time ensuring maximum capacity of the wire under the necessary voltage and frequency.

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