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SCSI interface

Interface for small computer systems (English: Small computer system interface; Abbreviation: SCSI), a standalone processor standard for system-level interfaces between computers and smart devices (hard disks, floppy drives, optical drives, printers, scanners, and so on). is an intelligent universal interface standard that communicates with many types of peripherals. SCSI uses the standard software interface of the ASPI (Advanced SCSI programming Interface) to communicate with the SCSI adapters that are installed inside the drive and the computer. The SCSI interface is widely used in high-speed data transmission technology on small machines. SCSI interface has many advantages, such as wide application range, multitask, large bandwidth, low CPU occupancy rate, and hot plug.

The host adapter and eight SCSI peripheral controllers can be connected on the SCSI bus, and peripherals can include disks, tapes, CD-ROM, erasable CD-ROM drives, printers, scanners, and communication devices.

SCSI is a multi-task interface with the function of bus-bar arbitration. Multiple peripherals hanging on a SCSI bus can work at the same time. The device on the SCSI occupies the bus on an equal footing.

SCSI interface can transmit data synchronously or asynchronously, the synchronous transfer rate can reach $number, and the asynchronous transfer rate can reach 1.5MB S.

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