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Scsi card related knowledge

Scsi card related knowledge:

1, SCSI bus allows a variety of computer hardware devices to connect. 

On the same SCSI bus can be connected in series CD-ROM, CD-R disc 

burner, MD magneto-optical disk, tape drive, scanner, ZIP and other 


2. SCSI control cards can be connected in series with multiple SCSI 

devices. A SCSI controller can access up to 32 SCSI devices, at least 

seven SCSI devices. If your SCSI control card supports multi-channel, 

you can connect more devices.

 3. SCSI performance and plasticity, support multi-tasking 

environment, suitable for multi-tasking operating system. Up to 255 

tasks can be processed at the same time.

4. SCSI cards have faster data transfer rates than IDE interfaces. 

Especially in the transmission of multiple sets of data at the same 

time even more to show the power, so SCSI equipment for image 

processing, in the field of image processing has always come out on top 

of the APPLE company models are used SCSI interface. And now SCSI hard 

drive using low-voltage differential LVD interface, but also to 

increase the data transfer rate to 160M / B.

5. SCSI cards support higher bandwidth to better balance PCI bus 

transmission pressure.

6. Because SCSI is fully backward compatible, SCSI maximizes user 

investment, which means that existing SCSI devices and existing SCSI 

devices (SCSI cards) can still be used when users upgrade to a new 


7. The use of SCSI can reduce the dependence on the CPU, can improve 

the overall system performance. IDE hard drive generally CPU occupancy 

rate of 33%, up to 5% or more, but the use of SCSI hard drives, CPU 

occupancy rate of only 4% -6%.

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