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SCSI Bus Data transfer control

The SCSI bus has 9 control signals: ATN, Bsy, ACK, RST, MSG, SEL, C, req, I/O, and bus activities are fully determined and implemented by these control signals. These letters No. First are controlled by Initiator or by Target or by both. The status of C, SEL, MSG, Bsy, and Sel determines what stage the bus is in. In different stages, the signal combination on the bus is different.

(1) ATN: Note the signal, usually set by Initiator when Initiator has a message to target.

(2) Bsy: When a SCSI device is in a "busy" state and occupies the data bus, the signal is set to true.

(3) ACK: The answer signal, by Initiator position, as the acknowledgement of the REQ ACK request response data transmission.

(4) RST: Represents a SCSI bus reset.

(5) Msg: At the message stage by Target.

(6) Sel: used when Initiator selects target or target to Initiator.

(7) C: A signal indicating control or data information.

(8) Req: the target position, indicating a request for a Req-Ac K handshake data transmission.

(9) I/O: Indicates the direction of the current data transfer.

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