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Minisas HD to Minisas HD External Cable Sff-8644

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Interface Type: SCSI

  • Pin: 36

  • Shape: Rectangle

  • Color: Black

  • Safety Certification: UL Cl2, CSA FT4

  • Connector Hood: Zinc Die-Casting Hood with EMI Gasket Seals

  • Trademark: AirJHH

  • Specification: Silver plated copper wires

  • Application: Computer, Network

  • Material: Copper

  • Feature: High Speed Data Rate

  • Computer Cable Type: Data Line

  • Insulatin: Skin-Form-Skin Polyolefin Dielectric Insulation

  • Connector PCB: EMC Design PCB 30 Micro Inches Gold Plated Contact

  • Standard Meet: Sas 2.1 Rate 6.0gbps, Sas 3.0 Rate 12.0gbps

  • Transport Package: Antistatic Bag & Carton

  • Origin: Taiwan

Mini SAS HD series External Cable supports big volume data high speed transfer in connecting                         
server to storage system, RAID, HD driver and network storage system.                         
Meet SAS standard 2.1 Rate 6.0Gbps/lane, Bandwidth 4 x 6G = 24Gbps aggregate.                        
Meet SAS standard 3.0 Rate 12.0Gbps/lane, Bandwidth 4 x 12G = 48Gbps aggregate.                        
Full-duplex with link aggregation.                        
MiniSAS-to-SATA compatibility                        
Multi-initiator point-to-point                        
Software-transparent with SCSI                        
Longer length passive cable applications require host system pre-emphasis and/or equalization.                        
Specification and Fabrication:                        
1.  These High Speed Cables are built with high quality raw cable of Madison, Amphenol, Gore or Leoni.                         
2.  Silver plated copper wires with skin-form-skin polyolefin dielectric Insulation in parallel pairs then triple                         
     shielding and outer jacket obtains good signal transmission and prevents EMI.                         
3.  Low attenuation, high conductivity and stable impedance implement high speed data transfer.                         
4.  Differential Impedance: 100ohm.                        
5.  Safety Certification: UL CL2, CSA FT4.                         
6.  Connectors meet SFF standard with EMC design PCB, 30 micro inches gold plated contact,                         
     precision zinc die-casting hood with EMI gasket seals or shielding fins.                         
7.  Signal ground system frame construction improves stability of signal transmission.                        
8.  Fabricate and solder with laser cutting machine and Hot-bar machine achieve high quality connection                         
     between cable conductor wires and connector.                         
9.  Cable length can be custom made as requirement.      

Quality Assurance:                     
We guarantee all cable products quality and characteristics with the following test equipment.                     
1.  ANRITSU 40 GHz network analyzer                    
2.  TEKTRONIX 11801C digital sampling oscilloscope                    
3.  ANRITSU MP 163A digital data analyzer, 3.2GHz                    
4.  ANRITSU 12.5G pattern generator                    
5.  ANRITSU network analyzer 9GHZ                    
6.  Automatic computerized multi-channel eye patter tester                    

Mini SAS HD 4x (SFF-8644) to Mini SAS HD 4x (SFF-8644) Data Rate 6Gbps      
Part No.L(m)Cable Spec.Picture
5064-6G-0.50.5Madison 28AWG    
5064-6G-11Madison 28AWG    
5064-6G-22Madison 28AWG    
5064-6G-33Madison 28AWG    
5064-6G-55Madison 26AWG    
5064-6G-77Amphenol or Gore 24AWG    
5064-6G-1010Amphenol or Gore 24AWG    

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