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Insufficient USB power

1. External Power method

With the continuous improvement of various technical specifications of USB devices, its working current is also "climbing long", for example, some of the fast speed of the mobile hard disk, the operating current is sometimes reached the 1A standard, the power has exceeded the normal power doubled, so at this time simply rely on USB interface for USB devices to provide enough power source is not very realistic. To this end, we must have a separate external power supply when using high-power USB devices to ensure the stability of USB devices and computer systems.

2. Interface Substitution method

21st century the 20 's many USB equipment manufacturers, in order to make its production of USB devices have enough "useful", USB devices are often provided with several different connection interfaces, and once the USB device is unable to obtain enough power from the USB interface, it can also be connected using other ports that consume less power, ensuring that the USB device is properly used. For example, the USB interface of some mobile hard drives is often not functional when connected to a legacy motherboard, but if you connect to your computer with another $literal interface, the mobile hard disk will work.

3. Lower Power method

Normally, the power supply for each USB port in the motherboard is 0.5A, if the USB device is operating at a nominal current exceeding this standard, the motherboard will not be able to accurately identify the USB device; At this point, the only feasible way is to choose a low power consumption of USB devices, or the use of independent power supply of USB devices to ensure that the USB device to work properly.

4. Exclusion of the different methods

The so-called "exclusion of the law", is the temporary use of other USB devices from the motherboard's USB port, leaving only the need to work on the USB device, so that the motherboard can be a separate source of power for the USB device, so as to ensure that the device can work properly. Considering that each of the two USB ports in a new motherboard is divided into one group, each group is powered by a separate power supply, so that other USB devices are plugged into ports in the same group as the current USB device. The power of the current USB device from the motherboard is affected, so when you find that the current USB device is not powered, be sure to unplug the other temporarily unavailable USB devices, or plug it into a different set of USB ports.

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