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The most common thing you know? VGA interface knowledge popular

Speaking of VGA consumers will say, is commonly used in the blue interface. But I believe that a lot of consumption is not very understanding of it. VGA interface, is the digital transmission mode connection, adapted to a variety of electrical and electronic equipment. Such as computers, high-definition DVD and computer monitors, projectors, high-definition digital TV, rear projection, plasma TV and other appliances connected. Today I talk to you about the VGA interface that something, I hope you can use the interface to understand the daily use.

VGA is IBM in 1987 with the PS / 2 machine launched a video transmission standard, with high resolution, fast display speed, rich colors and so on. Filed this interface, but also traced back to the CRT era. As a result of design and manufacturing reasons, CRT monitors can only accept analog signal input, the most basic contains R \ G \ B \ H \ V (respectively, red, green, blue, line, field) 5 components, no matter what Type of interface access, the signal contains at least the above five components.

VGA interface is the only analog signal interface in the display field, and there has been no follow-up alternative products appear. Its price advantage is well known. And VGA interface using a very wide range, with the vast majority of video equipment support. This is the DVI interface can not and. In addition, in the current display products, regardless of million-level high-end products, or 699 yuan to take the amount of products, you can see the VGA interface figure

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